My New Coronavirus Podcast

You can find my new coronavirus podcast on Spotify here. For this Friday’s episode, I will be covering this info-graphic. I will cover some basic concepts in statistics to explain why people in positions of global authority are so concerned about the coronavirus.

Portable Spectrometer Lumini T

For the past two and a half years, I have been slowly developing a close online friendship with an extremely talented chemist and maker from Slovakia. He builds handheld spectrometers for DIY environmental monitoring, art, and science applications. He has recently developed a new product that I would like to endorse 100% here, the Lumini T portable spectrometer. Please view the product details here. Implemented with open source hardware and software, he will support custom applications of the device. If you are interested in learning more about the device please reach out him at his email address found here.

I Live in Middle Ages

Middle Ages

What if my words could deliver mortal blows,

Would they rip across the landscape, 

…or zip into a corner, and construct intricate subtle piercing flows,

I’m not impressed, or at peace as you see,

As it goes, everyone knows the rules to life,

As adults sitting in a room, knuckles bearing scars,

From teachers’ rulers, warts and callouses from holding onto ropes,

Steering the ship we all ride along to the grave,

The one thing that remains, from sunrises to sunset is the ground,

Hard as it may be, a gentle womb that wraps me at night,

I know the mockery odd children can face,

Lithium scars to prove it, mom said,

We are born alone, we die alone,

Dad said, trust God, Allah, the ground and you will know how to walk,

Snows and cold bitter nightmares, embraced by a firm ground, 

Silence and peace, rest, not to ramble any more,

I live in Middle Ages.


These Days

Oakland City, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

October 17, 2019

If I were a lesser man I’d be in prison, 

I’ve seen eighteen years of war at home.

My home is a War on Terror.  

Come from either side, you want to see conflict come to dinner.  

Ethnic, battle of the sexes, modernity, religious we got it all.  

I could just smoke it all away but I can’t afford that, so I’ll photograph it and pass it on.  

Seething with fire, 🔥 I’ll burn down Babylon one day, I pray.  

Let the dry winds come,

If I could sing a song it would be to the fallen PTSD veteran rolling down the hood like Lieutenant Dan,

Apocalypse Now, alone in Oakland Cemetery now,

A ten mile stroll, the Phoenix on the sewer grate exiting,

Atlanta, Georgia, C.S.A., 1865 terminus.

The Facebook Portal as a Vehicle to Deliver Ai Weiwei and Me into a Gallery with Amazon Alexa to Sell Our Art to The Global Public as Human Rights Activist-Artist-Poets.

#WikiArsenic: Mapping Data Associated With Resistance to Fossil Fuel Extraction.

The Motivation in Louisiana.

#WikiArsenic: Uploading Heavy Metal Water Chemistry Data to Google Earth VR
Goal: Work with Young People to Get them Measuring Water Chemistry to fight for water in Minnesota and Everywhere else.

WikiArsenic Step 1: Crucifying Enbridge with Their Own Data to Evolve an Open Source Citizen Science Arsenic Monitoring Collective.

I am a poet and chemist who is looking for Thunkers to collaborate with on a app to map arsenic associated with oil and mining waste in northern Minnesota. I saw Thunkable yesterday, and am super excited by it’s tool box. I want people to analyze metals in water with Arduino sensors and overlay the data with art. Is anyone interested in helping?

#NoLine3: post-Standing Rock water art + science Native American youth led app to fight Tar Sands oil pipeline in Minnesota

“WikiArsenic Step 1: Posting GPS Coordinates from Android Phone to Twitter with Thunkable in One…”

“#WikiArsenic: We the People Uploading Heavy Metal Water Chemistry Data via IoT to AR/VR + Reality…” 2 2

Oil Chemistry of Keystone Leak.

Question: Oil Chemistry of Keystone Leak

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kayaerbil asked on November 23, 2017 13:09
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I’m looking to get water protectors involved in using the potentiostat and spectrometer to make a map of the Keystone leak by posting data to Twitter, flooding Trump’s account, and mapping it.

“WikiArsenic Step 1: Posting GPS Coordinates from Android Phone to Twitter with Thunkable in One…” @erbil_dr


warren commented about 2 years ago

Hi, I was thinking that one thing that might really help to:

  1. enable different testing approaches
  2. make it easier to run a “standard” test in comparison to a low-cost technique

would be to build out some guidance on taking the samples — the scanning, testing etc can then happen in a coordinated way a bit later. Would this be helpful to you?

There are the beginning of some resources up at — would this be for soil or water samples?

One thing this could enable is simultaneous testing using an established lab method and a lower-cost method, which can help to prove out the lower-cost methods (or, as the case may be, show that they need work!).

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warren commented about 2 years ago

If you’re in touch with water protectors, maybe there is already some documentation we can help compile based on their workflow?

Thanks for posting!

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nshapiro commented about 2 years ago

Interesting question! if you’d like to elaborate a bit more on your thoughts or talk about how the photo spectroscopy kit could be of help, please consider dropping into the weekly open hour

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kayaerbil commented about 2 years ago

I am in touch with someone who lives in Standing Rock who used to work for the EPA and left because of corruption. She’s talking about getting a jet ski to do mapping of water around the reservation next spring. I am looking to try getting the potentiometer and the spectrometer working and would like to talk to people about metals. I am also looking at mapping uranium runoff in Pine Ridge around the power plant that Georgia Power is planning to build here in Georgia. I am thinking about connect with labs at Emory or the CDC that have worked with Flint and other metals contamination sites. I’ll try to meet about the weekly call in hour to talk more to you about it.

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kayaerbil commented about 2 years ago I am going to reach out to the geoscience alliance about this. It’s something my friend suggested. Also, Flathead reservation, Navajo reservation, and sitting bull college.

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Fuck Off (Chinese: 不合作方式; pinyin: Bù Hézuò Fāngshì) was a controversial contemporary art exhibition which ran alongside the Third Shanghai Biennale (2000) in Shanghai, China. The exhibition’s title translates as “Uncooperative Attitude” in Chinese, but the blunter English language sentiment was deemed preferable. Ref

The exhibition encompassed conceptual, performance, and protest art. Protecting Liberty in an Age of Terror, Mask Up, Time for War.

MIT Committed Me to a Mental Ward for The Photo on the Left, so I Became an Poet, Filmmaker, and Artist to:


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